Acknowledgements and Thanks

A book, like a life, is not created apart from others.
Sheila Bender


Bob Scherer, my longtime friend for supporting me in this sometimes
emotionally draining endeavor from the time it was just a jumble of
ideas and memories in my head until it became a printed recollection
to be shared with others.

Tim Greene - son, soul mate, best friend -- for your unwavering belief
in me and all that I do, your listening ear, and for being the
constant in my work, my life.

Nick Regine - passionate writing coach/consultant, friend, and
counselor - for providing the structure and continuity without which
this book still wouldn't be finished.

Mac Rebennack (Dr. John), my main muse, for burrowing way down deep
into my heart and soul and being my 24/7 sweet inspiration. If I were
to acknowledge all the ways you have enriched my life and this book,
it would fill another book.

Jay Bourgoyne - author, friend, and proprietor of my favorite guest
house on Bourbon Street - for the foresight to know the absolutely
right publisher for me would be Mary Gehman.

Mary Gehman, thank you for agreeing with Jay.

Eternal gratefulness also goes to:

Allison Moonitz for typing what I had scribbled,

Elaine Christopher, Dominic Fulginiti, and Joan Roof for feeding me
goodies fit for the gods when I was too busy writing about food to
cook any.

Sue and Al Jacobson for providing me a sweet home in New Orleans when
I needed to be there to take care of business.

Shannon Powell, New Orleans drummer extraordinaire, who believed in
this book from the moment you heard about it and spread the word
wherever you went.

Jay Tyburski, talented photographer and jack of all trades, for
encouraging words and snapping those pics of me at the French Market.

Each one of you at WWOZ Radio New Orleans for stirrin' my soul with
the music and conversation and being my muse 'round midnight and every
other hour.

Frank Barnard, Kenny Olin, and Josh Eaton at the UPS Store in the Taj
for all the copying, scanning, and mailing, and smiling that enabled
this book to come together.

Takashi Blakey, dear son, for filling in the blanks and reaching out
to Bruce Lundvall.

Bruce Lundvall, president of Blue Note Records, for opening the way
for me to get permission to use the only picture I ever envisioned for
the book cover.

Ray Osnato, Don Sickler, Lee Mergner, Michael Cuscuna, Tab Benoit, and
John Ramsay for your consultations.

Martin Kaelin, photographer, for being my Philadelphia go-to-guy.

Bethany Bultman, friend and supporter, for being my livin', walkin',
talkin' file on New Orleans resources.

Deb Collins for being my webmaster and so much more.

Wallace Boudreaux for your unwavering support.

All the photographers and artists whose works brought this book to
life and Cynthia Sessa for your invaluable efforts in getting me the
rights to use pricess photos taken long ago in Europe.

Daniel Hammer at the Historic New Orleans Collection for coming up
with a pic of Art from the 1972 Jazz Fest.

Marie Schleinkofer, best friend, for always being there to do whatever

The Lower 911 Band - Herman Ernest III, drums; David Barard, bass; and
John Fohl, guitar - for all the inspiration and good vibes in the live
concerts and backstage chats.

James Lemkin, Sherry Beth Mounce, and Stephanie O'Quin for your

Donald Harrison, Thomas Ramsey, Paul Steinke, Jelly Roll Justice, and
Bobby Watson for believing in me and the book and writing those kickass

Hassan Abdullah for putting so much magic into the Art Blakey tribute at The Chicken Bone Beach Concert in Atlantic City. I'd also like to thank Hassan for his good vibes and spirituality!


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